Unrefined shea butter, organic jojoba oil, chamomile extract, & calendula extract.

Shea butter- a high concentration of essential fatty acids, antioxidants,  & vitamins A, E, & F. Especially beneficial to those with eczema, dermatitis, sunburns, or other skin irritations.

Organic Jojoba Oil- closely mimicking the skin's own sebum, it naturally provides skin with a protective barrier to lock in moisture (& is less likely to clog pores)

Chamomile Extract- full of magnesium, potassium, calcium, & B Vitamins. Anti-inflammatory & vulnerary properties help to soothe inflammed skin while naturally encouraging repair. Great for all skin types, especially sensitive or inflamed skin. 

Calendula Extract- astringent, antiseptic, & topical analgesic. May be used to soothe irritation, soothe mild pain, promote skin repair. Calendula may help heal rashes & burns. 

Safe for facial use & for use on children.

Please select your fragrance from the drop down menu. 

(Unscented recommended if using for your face or on children)

This item comes in a 4 oz reusable glass jar. 

Hydrating Face & Body Cream (Customizable)


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