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Postpartum Bath

Postpartum Bath

A blend of gentle organic herbs & luxury salts to help you relax & soothe sore muscles. Free of any added fragrance or essential oils. Herbs are enclosed in organic cotton pouches so as not to cause drain issues.


Cramp Bark


Red Raspberry Leaf

Red Roses


Epsom Salt

Dead Sea Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt

Suggested Use: boil water & pour over herbs in a small bowl & let steep for 10 minutes. Draw bath with approximately half cup of luxury salt blend & pour in the herb pouch & water from the bowl.

Relax in your bath for at least 20 minutes for maximum relief.

May be used as a sitz bath or full body bath- just make sure salts are fully dissolved & your healthcare provider has allowed you to take baths during your postpartum recovery.

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